Mainstream Work

TIME Magazine:
Here is a link to a TIME Magazine article on self-embedding that refers to my first first-author paper!

The statistic that 38% of people get the idea to self-injure from the peers and 13% from the media is from Deliberto & Nock 2008. Personally, I think the other 49% is more interesting (if there is no external source of the idea, how does it come about?), but I'm extremely grateful that the information is getting out there.

Science Daily
Here's a link to a Science Daily Article discussing a paper I co-authored! How wonderful to be rewarded this way as a researcher. I'm so grateful.

Harvard Gazette
Here's an article in the Harvard Gazette about a study I worked on!

My Expert Profile on OrganizedWisdom

American Institute of Cognitive Therapy
My Tip of the Week on the American Institute of Cognitive Therapy's website

Tidy Temple
An article on meditation I wrote for Tidy Temple!

Wikipedia Page on the Implicit Association Test (as mentioned in Blink by Gladwell) that cites my work

Conference Presentations I've Given:
ABCT 2009 Somatization, Self-Injury, and Suicide Gestures
ABCT 2008 Childhood Maltreatment, Social Stress & Suicide Attempts
ABCT 2007 Diagnostic Correlates of Self-Injury
ABCT 2006 Onset Offset & Correlates of Self-Injury
ABCT 2006 Mechanisms of Change in Dialectical Behavior Therapy
APS 2007 Family & Life Stress and Self-Injury

Article I wrote for a popular parenting website, ParetingPink! :

Books I've Co-Authored Chapters in