Thursday, February 12, 2009

TIME Magazine Article that Refers to My Paper!!

by Tara Deliberto

And now for some shameful self-promotion:
Here is a link to a TIME Magazine article on self-embedding that refers to a paper I wrote with Dr. Matt Nock!

The statistic that 38% of people get the idea to self-injure from the peers and 13% from the media is from Deliberto & Nock 2008. Personally, I think the other 49% is more interesting (right?! if there is no external source of the idea, how does it come about?!?), but I'm extremely grateful that the information is getting out there.


Anonymous said...

As part of the 49%, the idea of suicide came first. That then converted to an alternative that relieved the thoughts of suicide, but at the same time physically hurt.

Tara Deliberto said...

Thank you for reading and leaving this insightful comment. This is certainly something to think about.

I hope you found some resources here that might be helpful.