Tuesday, February 7, 2012

But The Job Market is Tough

Without structure, money, or the feeling of efficacy that comes with working, unemployed people can understandably slip into a depression.

But what do you do when someone tells you that they just can't get a job because of the job market? One option is to ignore this and try to convince the person that it will all be fine, but my guess is that you might not win yourself a fan. When people validly point out that the job market stinks, it 100% must be acknowledged. We are in hard times here.

But here's the catch: clients sometimes say "but the job market is tough" almost as a reason not to submit applications. There is a "what's the point?" feel to it, which is definitely a signature sentiment of depression.

If the person leaves the session just feeling validated in thinking the job market is tough, they'll probably end up feeling temporary relief after having vented, do nothing to better their situation, and end up more depressed. Be careful not to let "but the job market is tough" become an excuse.

So what is a good alternative mindset?

If the job marketis tough, you need to put that much more effort into applying than you would otherwise, not less.

If you're old, changing fields, have been unemployed for a while, or whatever the case may be, you must try even harder. Accepting that it is going to be tough and moving forward despite rejection seems to be the most functional way to go.

It is a time to go all in.

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